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Having a family is probably the most rewarding, best decision you ever made. You love it, but you are overwhelmed by #allthethings. Trust us, we get it!

Because like you we understand the uncertainty, anxiety and stress that can come with becoming a parent. Like you we struggled (silently) with our inability to manage all the things in our life: running a household, relationships, work and raising a family. Doing all the things left us feeling unaccomplished, uninspired and resentful.

That’s why Parentpiphany was founded by Parents for Parents


Mom • Wife • Birth + Postpartum Doula and childbirth educator

I’m the owner and founder of Parentpiphany and Doulas of Phoenix. My purpose is helping parents learn + achieve their goals while finding joy + gratitude, no matter where they are in their journey.

I am excited you’re here because I help parents who want the same thing as you: more freedom, more happiness + more family time.  Let me help you do these things and so much more.

I am and will always be a Jersey  girl (currently residing in Arizona with my beautiful family). I love talking with fam, friends and clients over a hot cup of tea with a big glass (or 8) of H2O throughout the day!  I am obsessed with all things pregnancy, postpartum and parenthood. I’m changing the way in which parents can be supported while managing their EVERYDAY lives.

When not wrangling my two kiddos, you can usually find me on my computer helping the Parentpiphany Community with juggling all the things in their lives.

My jam is… productivity, organization and education (I even got my Master’s in Education). I love to chat about the things that matter most to me: motherhood + raising kiddos, building community, family, fighting social + racial injustices, helping parents navigate the challenges of parenthood and bringing awareness to obstetric violence.

Parentpiphany was designed with you in mind

New, expectant and seasoned parents, oh my! Whether you’re just starting your family, a parents of multiples, returning to work soon or staying home indefinitely, we are for you! You deserve to be supported, no matter what.

Parents who are serious about thriving, connecting and building a community. Parentpiphany was created for the parent who is looking to grow! You understand that in order to make a lifestyle change you need to know what you want inside and out.  We’ll help you get there.

Busy parents… really anyone looking to save TIME. Need help organizing your life? We’ve got you! Our job is to help you save your time and your sanity.

Knowing that an organization like Parentpiphany is supporting and celebrating you every step of the way will help to build your confidence and contribute to your success as a parent! When you become a member, you’ll get exclusive access to all of our paid courses on The Parentpiphany Course site. You’ll also be in the know regarding announcements, sales and more.


Dad • Husband • Educator

Anthony is a critical thought-partner on Team Parentpiphany. Having spent close to 10 years in the IT industry Anthony brings an analytical eye to creating family friendly systems and thinking outside the box when it comes to helping parents achieve their goals. Anthony believes that with knowledge and effort all parents, but especially dads and dads-to-be, can be empowered through the many transitions of parenthood.

Along with Sharita, Anthony is the co-owner of Doulas of Phoenix. Together they are The Doula Couple.

Anthony is dedicated to simplifying some of the crazy parts of your life so that you can enjoy the journey one step at a time.


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