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    Financial Literacy For Young Children Webinar Recap and Replay

    Watch our Financial Literacy For Young Children question and answer webinar More than ever before it is imperative that toady’s parents help their children avoid insecurity, stress, and debt-ridden futures that are a result of bad money habits and attitudes. Anthony and I believe it’s important that we help our children build their money, goal-setting, planning and life skills; that's why we wanted to help parents empower their children in the same way. So we went to an expert to help you with the steps needed to get your children on the road to financial freedom and financial wellness; watch the full conversation.  During this webinar with guest expert, Sam…

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    Financial Freedom Webinar Recap and Replay

    Watch our Financial Freedom My Only Hope question and answer webinar Children are expensive; from diapers, health insurance to all of the stuff in between supporting your growing family can quickly add up. And since we're all about being prepared we think that should include financial preparedness as well. That's why we went to someone we know to provide you with the steps you can take to crush your financial goals and financially protect your family; watch the full conversation.  During this webinar Kwamara Thompson discussed how parents can achieve financial freedom by exploring topics such as: 529 college savings, how to protect your income and assets (e.g. life insurance)…

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    Postpartum Care Essentials

    New moms, let's talk postpartum care essentials When you’re pregnant it’s really easy to think about all the cute and necessary baby things, but what about you? Have you considered what might be helpful to have on hand as you heal after birth? Let’s be real… probably not, but that stops now. My mother made me care packages for both of my postpartum recoveries and they were very both needed and appreciated.  Don’t get this list confused with the emotional, physical educational support that’s needed as you recover; I’m listing the care products I think you need as a new mom.  These are things I highly recommend as you prepare…

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    Mindfulness & Self-care Webinar Recap and Replay

    Watch the Mindfulness and Self-care for Busy Parents question and answer webinar! At any given moment being a parent can bring feelings of increased anxiety, fear, stress, mixed emotions, and so much more depending on your set of circumstances. You’re not alone. Managing your mental health is an essential part of your overall health and well-being; it can influence your quality of life as well as your family’s. So we turned to an expert, Tiara Cash, to get tips on mindfulness practices; watch the full conversation.  Tiara helped us explore mindfulness and self-care practices as busy parents, offered strategies on how to get started and she led us through some…

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    How To Get Into A Cleaning Routine

    If you read “How I Maintain a Clean Home and Keep My Sanity” then you know that we hired housekeepers to clean our home. It was one of the best decisions we’ve made for my sanity. However like many of you, my family and I have been self quarantined; We’ve pretty much been living in our home 24/7. And we have not had any visitors over in months. Because of this the dust had been accumulating on the blinds, the floors needed to be scrubbed, the refrigerator needed a deep cleaning; honestly the list goes on and on.  Let’s face it the daily messes will continue to be made but…

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    COVID-19 Webinar Recap and Replay

    Watch our Pregnancy and Delivery during COVID-19 question and answer webinar Some of the most common questions we’ve been seeing since the start of the pandemic have been about pregnancy and delivery during COVD-19. So we turned to an expert to get the latest clinical guidance and tips for parents; watch the full conversation with Dr. Judy Banks.  During this Q&A session women’s health expert Dr. Judy Banks offered some clinical guidance regarding pregnancy and delivery during COVID-19. She provided reliable answers to your questions based on current medical evidence. You can watch the replay below.  Have a question or a topic request for an upcoming webinar? You can submit…

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    For Your Next Vacation Think About Taking A Staycation

    Planning a vacation can feel stressful for many parents as it can be time consuming and may even be financially constraining. And then once it’s planned, you have the added time of packing and travel. By the end of it all you need a day or two to unwind from the vacation as you prepare to resume your life. I’m exhausted just thinking about our last family trip to Miami and everything that it involved.  Eliminate all that stress — take a vacation but stay local, plan a staycation. Just think – if you choose a staycation you may just be doing a lot more relaxing than if you were…

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    Setting Goals and Sticking To Them

    I set goals for myself; ones that I know are realistic and achievable.  Here’s the thing before I continue I think I should distinguish resolutions and goals because people get the two mixed up. So let’s clarify; a resolution is “a firm decision to do or not to do something”. This makes sense because a lot of New Year resolutions don’t come to fruition. A goal on the other hand is “the object of a person's ambition or effort” to get to a desired result or outcome. Goals involve intentional setting, planning, preparing and taking action.  Rather than resolving to do or not do something, why not set a few…

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    How I Maintain a Clean Home and Keep My Sanity

    I have always been obsessed with cleanliness and organization. Even before children it was important for me to have a clean home.  When we moved from a 1000 sq ft condo to a home with more than 3000 square feet it became overwhelming to keep up with all the cleaning, especially the dusting. We live in Arizona so the dust can get pretty out of control during Monsoon season. And now between working a full-time 9 to 5, my family -- basically all the things going on in my world I would find cleaning extremely difficult to stay on top of.  So, two years ago we decided to hire a…

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    Start Your Reverse Bucket List Today

    I recently learned about the reverse bucket list. In a nutshell, a reverse bucket list calls for you to reflect on your accomplishments.  Any meaningful memories you’ve created in your life are fair game for being added to your reverse bucket list. Your big accomplishments? Check. Things that you’re super proud of? Check. Moments where you had to be really strong. Check. Maybe you needed to change some well developed habits? Check. So once you’ve reflected on this you will list everything that you have already achieved - there’s your reverse bucket list.  Creating a reserve bucket list is good for your well-being.  Let’s think about it this way, we…

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