Parentpiphany for employers

we help employers reimagine how they support working parents

We’re revolutionizing the way working parents are prepared and supported, from pregnancy to parenthood through meaningful community and accountability to help working parents take purposeful steps in both work and life.

The majority of your working parents are anxious and stressed when it comes to balancing work and home life, especially as they start their families. There are multiple work-life milestones for working parents which can be exciting and energizing but, equally, overwhelming and challenging.

We help parents have a more supported pregnancy to parenthood experience, on their terms through empowered education and learning. With Parentpiphany parents are supported through innovative virtual experiences. 

Meet the diverse needs of your employees at every step with Parentpiphany’s
comprehensive programming

We cover the entire family journey


– Childbirth Education
– Delivery
– Family Planning + Fertility
– Adverse Outcome


– Newborn Care + Safety
– Early Pediatrics


– Childcare Guides
– Parenting Philosophies
– Work Leave and Re-entry







Modern families deserve modern benefits

Perhaps you’re thinking about reinventing your employee rewards but not sure where to start when considering working parents.

We know when employees are supported and developed, engaged and motivated, they not only stay longer, they perform better, inspire others and become role models for future leaders.

We thought-partner with you to create the programs and support systems (like caregiver travel policies and equitable parental leave for all working parents) needed  for your employees to succeed at work.

We would love to work with you and reach the working parens at your company.

Let’s talk Rewards

We’ll help you revise policies with a lens toward retaining parents in the workplace. Together let’s create an envirnoment for your people to thrive

– Flexible Hours And Time Off
– Caregiver Travel
– Workshops
– Parental Leave
– Lactation Rooms and Breast Milk Shipping

we help Parents navigate their
working parent journey

Stage Specific
1:1 Coaching

– Expectant Parents
– New Parents
– Early Parenthood

Our coaching program, Parentpiphany Prepared, offers hands on help and support. Your employees will rest easy knowing exceptional prenatal and postpartum support is a video call, text or email away. We’ll explore step-by-step strategies so that your employees unlock their greatest personal and work potential. 

– Judgment-free, solution-focused
– Emotional support and empathetic listening
– Day-to-day strategies for early parenthood
– Tips for work-from-home employees
– Access to email and communication templates

Ready to change the lives of your employees?

We’ve built an on-demand learning and support system that parents will love


Your employees can stop spending hours scouring through parenting articles and books – Parentpiphany curates the best-in-class parenting information. All in one place. When they need it most.

By becoming a Parentpiphany Platform Member your employees will get a learning experience that will stay with them forever. Over the course of their membership and beyond they’ll evolve into the parent AND employee they want to be, because they’ll be supported as they face balancing the challenges of parenthood, while working.

We offer instant-access, comprehensive but easily digestablie childbirth and parental eduction courses. Help your employees stop struggling and start strategizing, pregnancy to parenthood. 

What to expect

Pay only for employees who sign up

Feel confident knowing that you’re only paying for the rewards that your employees want. 

easy to use

Each employee will have a personal account; once enrolled they will instantly get access to the Membership Platform. Learn about individual membership benefits.

And so much more

As a Parentpiphany member you’ll have access to several add-on services; ranging from one-on-one coaching to care packages made to pamper as employees prepare for and welcome their latest family member(s).  

Membership benefits

Your employees will receive:


Access to a responsive Team Parentpiphany who are invested in your success


Early access to virtual events like our upcoming Parentpiphany Summit


Monthly office hours. Employees will be able to join a live Q & A session, moderated by experts, and learn in a safe space


Access to on-demand webinars


The ability to connect with new & seasoned parents, which allows for the opportunity to gain new insights and different perspectives


New and updated information as it becomes available as Parentpiphany courses are kept current


Support to help deal with life’s challenges. We get it — life happens, we know that. And sometimes you’ll require some inspiration and re-motivation. 


Private Member Only Online Community. Members will be able to connect and learn in a safe space.

  • Videos, group discussions & interactions, etc.
  • Get continued practical tips, tools and strategies via access to various files within the Community.
  • This Community provides parents with engagement and access to Team Parentpiphany and supportive parents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Enrolled members will also enjoy 52 weeks of email communications that feature tips, tools and ideas about how to best achieve their pregnancy, postpartum and parenting goals.

“Parentpiphany is about unlocking the potential of virtual experiences to re-imagine what’s possible for parents’ ongoing growth & development.”

– Sharita Thompson,
Founder of Parentpiphany

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Add on Services

When supported, encouraged and celebrated your employees can navigate and excel through the various stages of life to meet their full potential.


Support parents with workshops and classes that provide empowering, practical integration strategies for immediate implementation.

Pump + Pack

Do your employees need help transportating breastmilk? Send breastmilk home or take it with them. Learn more about our breastmilk shipping.

Parentpiphany Packages

Care packages designed for all members of your family: birthing person, non-birthing people, newborns and siblings.

Common Questions

Who is Parentpiphany for?

Parentpiphany offers courses for expectant parents and caregivers of babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. If you’re not seeing a course on a topic you’re interested in, let us know here!

What does Parentpiphany's platform membership include?

Parentpiphany’s online platform is composed of The Academcy courses foucsed on education from pregnancy to parenthood; The Toolbox, monthly relseases of tools and strategies for parents to implement; and The Community, an online member exclusive community for parents to come together and share their experiences. 

Will insurance cover the cost of Parentpiphany's courses?

You can request a Certificate of Completion after completing our Hello Pregnancy (childbirth education) course and submit the certificate to your insurance. While every insurance policy is different and we are unable to guarantee coverage for your course, many plans offer reimbursement for prenatal courses.

Is the membership program offered in another language?

Currently, Parentpiphany classes are offered in English. 

Who do I contact about press and partnerships?

We love connecting with new people! Please contact us at or complete our contact form to inquire about press and partnership opportunities.

Are refunds available?

Due to the nature of the membership site and the fact that we are giving your employees instant access to all materials, no refunds will be given at all as you can cancel anytime. But trust us when we say you won’t ever ask for one because they’ll love it so much!

If you do not want to be charged again for your membership fee, please be sure to cancel your membership on our website under your account before your next charge is to be made. If you are having trouble canceling it on your own, please email us at

Already A member but having trouble logging in?

Can’t login to your account? Don’t worry; we can help! Sometimes you simply need to reset your password. If you can still cannot login email us at  with the subject “Please reset my member account.” 

P.S. we see a lot of people accidently put their email address as .CON instead of .COM so maybe check there first. Once logged in you can correct your email address. You can login here.

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