Hello Motherhood

A Coaching Program

Hello Motherhood

A Coaching Program


Modern Moms

If you are currently feeling unfillied, unhappy and overwhlemed in juggling all the things from pregnancy to parenthood then you are in the right place!

maybe you find yourself…


Feeling stressed & anxious


Fearing the loss of your identity


An overal feeling that there simply isn’t enough time to do it all and take care of yourself


Worrying about the financial implications of raising a family


Questioning yourself about what others will think of your choices


Lacking motivation and unsure where to start to get motivated

or you have questions like… 


What (or who) are my priorites now that I am a parent? 


I am exhausted all the time; will this feeling ever go away?


What will my family and friends think of my decisions?


Being a parent is hard; am I weak because I cannot seem to get anything right?


This is my first child; will I ever be ready?

then now is the 

time to make a change!

With Hello Motherhood you will get support, connection and guidance as you grow into motherhood. 

We get the frustrations, the wins and everything that goes with parenting. Whether you sign up for the courses or not, Sharita is rooting for you. But let’s be honest when you become a parent a new version of yourself emerges and it can be challenging. 

The good news is it doesn’t have to be so difficult or a constant struggle. Get the one-on-one support, connection and guidance you need as you grow into parenthood. Sharita will thought-partner with you during life’s biggest transitions so that you feel confident in your choices. Simply put, working directly with Sharita is your game changer moment. Sharita will turn you into a problem solving, mindful, action-taking parent. Ditch the struggle.

Shifting your mindset

The right balance you need between work and family


goal setting

The right balance you need between work and family


Take charge

Be in charge of your schedule and find “me” time


Be guilt free with your choices, whatever they might be because they are done on your terms

stress management

Be in charge of your schedule and find “me” time

reduce stress

Know what is most important to you and orient your daily life around the things that matter most

one-on-one coaching

how it works

With Sharita you’ll get clear on your next steps, make decisions with confidence and know you are doing what is best for you and your family.

We thought-partner with you during life’s biggest transitions so that you feel confident in your choices. Our one-on-one coaching sessions are specifically designed to create a space for you to be heard and understood. Together we will strategize on creating sustainable systems and routines for you and your family; ensuring that stressful situations, tasks and chores become simple and approachable.

Receive guidance and support wherever you are in your journey, pregnancy to parenthood! With this intimate coaching program you will understanding of the emotional realities postpartum period. No matter if you are a first time or a seasoned parent, parents of singletons or multiples  you deserve a supported.



schedule a free 1:1


choose coaching plan


reach your goals

When we work together you will be heard, understood and supported. This coaching program is designed for parents who are struggling with their pregnancy, postpartum and parenthood goals and want one-on-one accountability as they get it together!


Hello hello!

I am Sharita!

I am the founder of Parentpiphany and the Hello Course series is my brainchild. From pregnancy to parenthood, I’ve got your covered!

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