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Pregnancy and Delivery during COVID-19

During this Q&A session women’s health expert Dr. Judy Banks offered some clinical guidance while pregnant during COVID-19.

Mindfulness and Self-care for Parents

During this webinar Tiara Cash introduced the Parentpiphany community to mindfulness practices for busy parents.

Financial Freedom My Only Hope

During this webinar Kwamara Thompson discussed how parents can achieve financial freedom by exploring topics such as: 529 college savings, how to protect your income and assets (e.g. life insurance), and why cash is king and credit is queen.

Financial Literacy For Young Children

Our guest expert, Sam X Renick, Children’s Author, Financial Educator, co-Creator of Sammy Rabbit, will discuss how parents can establish early age and family financial literacy by teaching young kids about money.

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Will I ever be ready for my baby?

The answer is YES! With Parentpiphany’s Hello Pregnancy course pack you will be confident throughout your preganncy, and labor and delievery. Watch this free introductory class and start your journey to having a totally amazing birth experience!

Get a sneak speak into our courses: Hello Pregnancy, Hello Postpartum and Hello Parenthood.

pregnancy & prenatal courses 

Hello Pregnancy

By the end of this workshop you will understand what you can expect during your pregnancy and learn why having the knowledge, tools, support and the preparation that will lead you to have a kickass birth because it will be free of stress and fear

What you'll learn

  • How taking a childbirth class can help anyone achieve their personal birth goals
  • How breathing, affirmations, visualizations, and relaxation techniques can make for a more amazing birth experience
  • How fear affects the birthing process How fear affects the birthing process
  • Practice session using breathing and progressive relaxation
  • A brief overview of the history of birth and current maternity care system

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