Mindfulness & Self-care Webinar Recap and Replay

May 8, 2020

Watch the Mindfulness and Self-care for Busy Parents question and answer webinar with our guest expert!

At any given moment being a parent can bring feelings of increased anxiety, fear, stress, mixed emotions, and so much more depending on your set of circumstances. You’re not alone. Managing your mental health is an essential part of your overall health and well-being; it can influence your quality of life as well as your family’s. So we turned to an expert, Tiara Cash, to get tips on mindfulness practices; watch the full conversation.

Tiara helped us explore mindfulness and self-care practices as busy parents, offered strategies on how to get started and she led us through some guided meditations. Watch the replay below.


Tiara Cash

Crowned Vitta LLC is a multidisciplinary company serving the community through the talents and gifts of the Founder/Owner – Tiara Cash. Tiara Cash, born and raised in Memphis, TN, is a former student-athlete who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Wellness from ASU and a Master’s degree from Western Illinois University in Kinesiology with a concentration in Sports Psychology. She is a certified Koru Mindfulness Instructor and her personal practice of mindfulness spans the last 20 years of her life. As a practitioner, Tiara has worked in various settings including higher education, athletics, and the non-profit sector. Featured on NPR (National Public Radio) as an expert in Equitable Mindfulness, Tiara has curated conferences, created presentations and workshops, conducted trainings, and has worked on research on mindfulness and equity. She is also the creator of the Equitable Mindfulness Initiative at ASU’s Center for Mindfulness. Tiara believes her purpose is the serve others by planting seeds of self-care and self-realization.

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Authored by Sharita Thompson, M.Ed, HBCE

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