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By becoming a Parentpiphany Platform member you will get a learning experience that will stay with you forever. Over the course of your membership and beyond you’ll evolve into the parent you want to be, committed to supporting yourself and your family.

The topics of discussion will enable you to feel things that you didn’t know existed within you. Know the Parentpiphany Community is a safe place for exploring feelings and gaining perspective. When something becomes overwhelming we can come together and become your immediate support system.

The Platform

Includes access to courses Hello Pregnancy (birth without fear), Hello Postpartum (Confidently navigate the fourth trimester), Hello Parenthood (learn how to manage all the challenges of being a parent), Hello Producitivty and more.

We’ve created our very own social communtiy (think Facebook but without the Ads) housed within our Platform site. Exclusively for members only you’ll find an amazing community and a reliable resource. 

Every month access our toolbox where you’ll find helpful tools. Every month we’ll publish a new video, sharing tips and advice. In these monthly videos we’ll talk strategy, share tips and ideas for juggling #allthethings pregnancy to parenthood. Our #1 goal is to inspire & empower you.  

You’ll get step-by-step strategies to help you

Imagine submerging yourself in your pregnancy, postpartum and parenthood goals – wherever you are in your journey. Imagine the relationships that organically manifest when a group of parents with similar goals come together in an unbiased, nonjudgmental space and allow vulnerability and education to coincide.

Membership Benefits

Access to a responsive Team Parentpiphany who are invested in your success

Early access to virtual events like our upcoming Parentpiphany Summit. 

Access to on-demand webinars

Get re-motivated. We get it — life happens, we know that and sometimes you’ll require some inspiration – we can help. 

Access to the (members ONLY) Parentpiphany  Membership Community

  • Facebook lives, group discussions & interactions, etc.
  • Get continued practical tips, tools and strategies via access to various files within the Group.
  • This Group provides you with engagement and access to the Parentpiphany Team and supportive parents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Knowing that an organization like Parentpiphany is supporting and celebrating you every step of the way will help to build your confidence and contribute to your success as a parent! When you become a member, you’ll get exclusive access to all of our paid courses on The Parentpiphany Course site. You’ll also be in the know regarding announcements, sales and more.

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Enjoy 52 weeks of email communications that feature tips, tools and ideas about how to best achieve your pregnancy, postpartum and parenting goals.

Our newsletter covers topics like: organization, childcare, motivation, cooking and meal prep, time management and lifestyle.

Our memberships were designed with you in mind


New, expectant and seasoned parents, oh my! Whether you’re just starting your family, a parents of multiples, returning to work soon or staying home indefinitely, we are for you! You deserve to be supported, no matter what. 


Parents who are serious about thriving, connecting and building a community. Parentpiphany was created for the parent who is looking to grow! You understand that in order to make a lifestyle change you need to know what you want inside and out.  We’ll help you get there. 


Busy parents… really anyone looking to save TIME. Need help organizing your life? We’ve got you! Our job is to help you save your time and your sanity.

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