We have the training and expertise to guide you from pregnancy to parenthood.

With our coaching program, Aligned Parenthood, you will be heard, understood and supported. This program program is designed for parents who are struggling with their pregnancy, postpartum and pregnancy goals and want one-on-one accountability as they get it together!

If you are currently feeling unfulfilled, unhappy and overwhelmed in juggling all the things from pregnany to parenthood



If you have questions like…

Who are my priorities now that I am a parent?
Being a parent is hard; am I weak because I can’t figure things out?
What will my family and friends think?
I am exhausted all the time; will this feeling change?

Or maybe you have found yourself…

Feeling stressed and anxious
Worrying about the financial implications of raising a family
Fearing the loss of your identity
An overal feeling that there simply isn’t enough time to do it all and take care of yourself
Lacking motivation and unsure where to start to get motivated
Feeling isolated because you are the only one of your freinds who has a child
Feeling guilty for dropping your baby off at daycare or with the nanny
Questioning what others will think of your choices

NOW is the time to change

Get clear on your next steps.
Make a decision with confidence.
Know you are doing what’s best for you and your family.

With Aligned Parenthood you will…

The right balance you need between work and family
Be in charge of your schedule and find “me” time
Have peace of mind knowing your are growing and raising your children to be the kind of humans you want them to be
Be guilt free with your choices, whatever they might be because they are done on your terms.
Know what is most important to you and orient your daily life around the things that matter most


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